Filing Your Accounts: Tips to Make This Less Stressful!

1. Plan early

Start planning early for filing your accounts and make sure you know your company’s filing deadline dates.

If you’re a small company, you cannot file abbreviated accounts any more.

2. File Online

Most companies can file their accounts electronically – it’s faster and easier. It has never been easier to file your accounts online and on time.

3. Email reminders

You can sign up to receive email reminders. These can be sent to up to 4 e-mail addresses.

4. Avoid rejection

Our online service has inbuilt checks to make sure all the relevant information is provided before you can submit.

5. Paper accounts

If you have to file paper accounts, you could use a guaranteed next day delivery service.

Accounts filed on paper need to be manually checked.

You should send your accounts well before the 31 December deadline in case you need time to resubmit them. If your accounts are rejected and you need to resend them, you could be too late to avoid a penalty.