Business Information Includes Decision Support Services

When trading of all sorts is truly challenging, such as when there is a global recession and companies are desperately trying to offer newer services themselves, the best way to work out what is best for your own operation is to engage with business information services. Traditionally there have been 3 or 4 types of these information systems recognised as part and parcel of the whole. Transaction processing systems; management information systems; decision support and expert systems. Each of these can be broken down and in this example, we could look at decision support systems. You could say that basically this is a service made for any groups or individuals who struggle in their decision-making capacity. People with intellectual disabilities, mental illness or even acquired brain injury – there are also those who deal with age-related conditions who need support to make decisions. These courses and services are vital for all groups in the community to function – providing these services would be a new business area for a consultancy.